In case you’re confused by what I’m holding in the picture, those are the charms I’ve earned from my progress in Weight Watchers. Here is my 100% honest Weight Watchers review and the progress I’ve made through the program.

I gained 15 pounds during my freshman year of college then I gained another 10 pounds my sophomore year. I went through a lot in college and tried everything to get healthy again but at my heaviest I stood at 5’7″ and 165 pounds. I went to the gym every single day, tried different diets and cleanses and lost 10 of the pounds I had gained. However, I began to accept that I would never be in the body of my dreams. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I found Weight Watchers, and my view of health started changing.


My First Impressions of the Weight Watchers Program

My mother had been in and out of Weight Watchers several times throughout her life but she never made her goal weight. I remember watching her track her food points in a paper booklet with complicated paper materials and charts. It seemed like a lot of work and it never seemed like a viable option for me when I was trying to lose weight again. My initial Weight Watchers review was that it was a complicated system. 

After college, my mother rejoined Weight Watchers and told me about the success she had been having. She mentioned that they changed the whole program and you can join an online version. It sounded easier than before but I also knew that I had tried using MyFitnessPal to track calories and lose weight without any success. I was nervous to sign up and pay the $20 monthly fee for the online-only version but I figured I had nothing else to lose. So I paid the fee and started my weight loss journey.


Weight Watchers Online Review

Weight Watchers has 2 types of points; daily points and weekly points. The daily points are how many points you should eat each day and the weekly points are there in case you go over your points, or if you want to splurge one day a week and eat all of your weeklies on top of your dailies. When you first join Weight Watchers, it will run you through a quiz on your body type and goals to determine your number of daily points. I have 30 daily points and 35 weekly points.

Points are basically a number given to a food based on its nutrition value. Raw fruits and vegetables are 0 points and a great way to snack if you’re out of points and feeling hungry. Before Weight Watchers, I counted the calories of fruits and vegetables so I found myself eating less daily points than I should. I reached out to someone on their 24/7 chat feature in the app and they told me that I needed to eat all of my daily points in order to get all of my nutrients. It didn’t hit me that I wasn’t eating everything I should be. Since then I have added more protein in my diet, which keeps me fuller and helps me use my points in a healthy way.

I started the Weight Watchers program in October and it made such a difference in how I treated the holidays. Although, I didn’t lose much weight over the holidays I definitely didn’t gain anything either, which was a first for me. I stayed on the online-only version for 3 months and lost 12 pounds. When I finally weighed 138 pounds I decided to switch to the Weight Watchers plan that includes weekly meetings. My goal weight is 130 pounds and if you make your goal weight and maintain it for 6 weeks while on the program that includes meetings, you can get all of the tools for free.

Weight Watchers Progress Chart

This is my weight progress that I made while on the online program. The last month’s progress has also included Weight Watchers meetings. I’ve had gains and losses while on the program but overall I’ve been on a losing trend. This is one of the only times that losing has felt like success.


Weight Watchers Meetings Review

My first impression, my first Weight Watchers review on the meetings, was that it was a little nerve wracking. Walking into my first meeting there were three scales in front of a counter with three people behind it. Everyone wears lightweight clothing to trying and keep their weight as close to naked as possible and then they walk into a room behind the weigh in counter to sit in on the weekly meeting.

Conducting each meeting is someone who has made their goal weight and become a “lifetime” member. Lifetime just means that they made goal and have been able to stick with it. If you make lifetime you don’t have to pay the monthly fee of $45 dollars anymore, everything is free. The meetings have a weekly theme with recipes and a lesson on getting into the right mindset. We have a chance to share our tips, successes, and struggles. It’s a great environment to get your head in the game when it comes to losing weight. I strongly believe that a huge piece of losing weight is your mental state.

I currently have 5 pounds until I reach my goal. Like most people, I also struggle to lose weight but I have never felt more in control of my food life. Weight Watchers has given me the tools to understand the type of food that I need for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve seen numbers on the scale I never thought I would see again and I weigh less now than I did through most of high school. 


This is my 100% honest Weight Watchers review. No one paid me to share my opinions, this is simply my own experience.I hope my Weight Watchers review was able to answer your questions. If you would like more information leave a comment and I will happily give you my honest answer.