What are some of the things that you have earned through hard work?

         Good grades




         Anything you’ve built or planted with your hands

How does it feel when you earn something that you’ve worked for?

Does anyone have an experience they would like to share about earning something they worked for?


I worked really hard in school. I earned academic scholarships and worked part time to help me be self-sufficient. I earned a great internship where I worked hard to get hired on as an employee afterward and I worked hard for a promotion. Hard work has been a huge blessing in my life. I have been self-reliant for a few years now and I’m grateful because it helped me earn everything I have today. It makes me feel like I don’t have to depend on anyone, I can get my own groceries and buy my own car, and do big girl things.


As We Work With Integrity, Our Lives Are Blessed Forever

President Hinckley also believed in hard work. Can I have someone read the first paragraph of section 1? It starts…

“I believe in the gospel of work. There is no substitute under the heavens for productive labor. It is the process by which dreams become realities. It is the process by which idle visions become dynamic achievements.”

How do you guys feel about that? What do you think about that?



Honestly, this little quote reminds me of when I was a teenager. I thought that I would marry my high school sweetheart, he would become an engineer and I would be a stay at home mom. All by the time I was 22. Well, me and my high school sweetheart broke up, I didn’t have a lot of luck seriously dating in college, and I was starting to feel like I wasn’t ready for kids yet.

Now I’m 23. I found a man to marry but I also have a career that I am passionate about. I love my job, I love making my own money and helping to provide for my family. I still hope that one day I can be a stay at home mom, but I also hope that when that time comes around, I can be running my own business.

I was forced to become self-reliant because my life didn’t work out as planned and I am so happy that it didn’t work out that way. It is just like Gordon B. Hinckley said, Labor is the process by which dreams become realities and dynamic achievements.


Let’s keep reading. Can someone read the second paragraph in the same section? It starts….

“A little play and a little loafing are good. But it is work that spells the difference in the life of a man or woman. It is work that provides the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the homes in which we live. We cannot deny the need for work with skilled hands and educated minds if we are to grow and prosper individually and collectively. “


Now there are a few sections I want to pick apart here:o

  1. A little play and a little loafing are good.
  • Don’t forget Gordon B. Hinckley’s famous quote that life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. That’s what the whole plan is about.
  1.       Work provides for our wants and needs.
  • This is the basic reason we work, right? To pay for things? But don’t forget that work is also developing us to become God’s one day. The things that we learn here are the only things that we can take with us.
  1. We need skilled hands and educated minds to grow individually and collectively
  • People have been working and learning about life and the universe since we were put here. Adam and Eve were the first to discover right and wrong and that knowledge has been passed down from them. Gravity, motion, flight, electicity, and so many other discoveries have been made by people with skilled hands and educated minds and over time we have improved them. Not only do we work and learn for ourselves, but we work and learn for each other too.


Does anyone have any other thoughts on this?

Okay, I need someone to continue with the next paragraph. It starts…

“I have discovered that life is not a series of great heroic acts. Life at its best is a matter of consistent goodness and decency, doing without fanfare that which needed to be done when it needed to be done. I have observed that it is not the geniuses that make the difference in this world. I have observed that the work of the world is done largely by men and women of ordinary talent who have worked in an extraordinary manner.”

I want to repeat that last section.

“I have observed that it is not the geniuses that make the difference in this world. I have observed that the work of the world is done largely by men and women of ordinary talent who have worked in an extraordinary manner.”

         Who in here thinks that they can make a difference in this world?

– It should be every single one of you because a prophet just said that ordinary people do extraordinary things.

         Joseph Smith was an ordinary boy who did an extraordinary act. And the great truth of this world is, Heavenly Father takes ordinary people and helps them become extraordinary. And because you are a child of God, He is there for you to help you become a creator of worlds one day.

I also want to draw a parallel to the gospel that if we want a clean home, we have to be consistently working to keep it clean. If we want to have pure hearts and a strong testimony we have to be consistently working on that as well.

Who else has thoughts on this?


We have a responsibility to help others lift themselves and become self-reliant

We are supposed to help other people become self-reliant.

Can someone read for me D&C 81:5

“Wherefore, be faithful; stand in the office which I have appointed unto you; succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees.”

Heavenly Father has instructed us to help people become self-reliant. If you’re competitive, it’s not a competition to see who can live life better, but it’s a teaching moment. Think of it like finding the average grade of a class, and working with each individual member to get better grades. This way, you bring the average up, instead of trying to tear each other down.

Can anyone tell me an experience about helping someone become self-reliant?


I used to hate math. I was pretty good at it but when I didn’t understand a concept I would get really frustrated. However, my dad would spend hours and hours with me on math problems all through high school to help me understand the concepts. He didn’t do my work for me but he taught me to be able to find my own answers and be resourceful when it comes to solving problems. And now today, I work in PR but I create a lot of projects based on statistics. I am the person that people come to for help with math.


Prophets have encouraged us to prepare ourselves spiritually and temporally for catastrophes to come

When you hear this do you think about the second coming? Are you like me and you picture storms and swarms of crickets and bunkers to hide out in?  But when I read this I imagined other kinds of storms as well, the ones you can’t see because they are  spiritual.


Temporal catastrophes that they listed were:



         Earthquakes (we’re due to have that one sometime in the near future)

         Testimony (What kind of testimony catastrophes are there?)


In section three it says “It was not raining when Noah built the ark. But he built it and the rains came.”

So part of being self-reliant is being prepared for emergencies. The rain falls on the just as well as the unjust, like Mathew from the New Testament, said. We all have to prepare.

Does anyone have a story they’d like to share?


I just bought a house. And there are a million things that go into a house and my fiancé and I have been working on it before we get married and move in so that it’s in good shape. There are weird things we’ve had to fix like leaks so we don’t get mold, digging out the foundation so that it doesn’t crumble, fertilizing the lawn so that bugs don’t kill the roots and it grows back the next year. There are a million things in a home that you have to fix that simply prevent problems that haven’t happened yet. And when we move in we’ll want to build up our food storage for other potential issues we could have one day.


We enjoy independence and freedom as we avoid debt to the extent possible and set aside money for times of need.

Okay, let’s talk money. This is my favorite conversation.

President Hinckley urged us to get debt free and have a rainy day fund to help us become more self-reliant.


Can someone read four paragraphs under section 4? Starting with…

“President J. Reuben Clark Jr., in the priesthood meeting of the conference in 1938 said…”


Why is it important to be disciplined in the way we spend our money?

  • We can’t be self-reliant when we are indebted to others.
  • With debt comes interest.


I would just like to leave you with my testimony that being self-reliant gives you peace of mind. Heavenly Father made us to be strong, capable people and gave us talents to help us provide for ourselves. I hope you feel empowered to rely on yourself and I’d like to challenge you to share your skills with others so that they may be more independent as well.

And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.