My name is Sarah Brown and I am an artist.

You’re probably thinking, “an artist? Then why are you in business? If you say you’re really an artist shouldn’t you be pursuing your art?”

Well, I am an artist in all forms. I’m what they call “a Jack of all trades and a master of none.” But today I would like to share my different artsy passions with you.


I am a writer:

From the moment I could hold a pencil I was writing. Memories, poems, songs, and stories. A brand new notebook was the equivalent of winning a pulitzer prize. Unfortunately, I had the equivalent of stage fright for writers, and I almost never shared my writing until high school. I joined our literary magazine and won a few writing competitions.

Today I continue to write. I write outreach emails, articles for different sites, and I have my own blog. There are a million ways to record my thoughts but writing helps me organize them.


I’m a painter:

My dad is an artist too. He put a brush in my hand right after I picked up my pencil. My first painting was a watercolor of the beach. I entered it into my elementary school’s art competition and won a trophy. It was the first of many paintings that won art competitions throughout my k-12 education.

I love painting because it is so forgiving. If you make a mistake, you can add more water, dab, let dry, and paint over it again. I was never great at drawing because every line could be a mistake. With a brush in my hand I’m as steady as a surgeon and I blend colors together to create a more vibrant world.


I am an actress:

When I was in kindergarten my teachers told my mother that I was too shy for school. They thought that I would be better off being home schooled. My mother thought that was crap so she told me that I can be whomever I want to be. That stayed with me my entire life and eventually led me to acting.

My senior year of high school I jumped into acting. I was in our high school musical, I was the lead in a one-act play, and I went to our state acting competition. Staying at the school until 10 pm every night was a dream come true when I was acting out a scene. Performing on stage and stepping into the shoes of others made is where I first fell in love with the stage.


I am a dancer:

My mother put me in ballet, tap and jazz from the time I was 5 years old. I took lessons for 7 years until I decided to pick up instruments. A few years later, I went back to dance but this time it was contemporary and ballroom.

I was on my high school competition ballroom team. I had to be at the school at 5:30 every morning for practice but it was also another opportunity to spend late nights on the stage. Just like acting, dance allowed me to be someone else, to move with the music and create something beautiful with a partner and a team. To this day, ballroom is my favorite kind of dance and I try to get out to a studio whenever I can.


I am a musician:

Music has given me something that I haven’t found in any other art form. A voice. I started playing piano when I was a little girl, but I soon left that for the violin. I played that for 11 years before picking up the ukulele, the guitar, and eventually singing.

My sister and I write our own music and lyrics and perform them whenever we can. I always have butterflies when I sing, but the good kind, like riding a roller coaster. Every other art form has given me something to improve my music. Writing opened me up to creating my own lyrics, painting gave me steady hands, and acting and dancing made me feel confident on a stage.


There Are Three Things I’ve learned being an artist:

1.Not everyone is going to like your art

When my sister and I were performing at the Salt Lake marathon, a woman came up to us and criticized us for not playing more upbeat music. I’ll admit, it kind of hurt in the moment. But when people would run past us and cheer us on for playing music they appreciated, it didn’t matter anymore. Art has taught me that you can’t please everyone and you definitely can’t impress everyone but sometimes you can make someone’s day, or a difficult situation a little bit better.

2. You make more friends by sharing your talents than keeping them to yourself

I mentioned that I used to be a pretty shy kid growing up. I was also really dedicated to my school work and developing my talents, which usually just came across as stuck up. When I finally started coming out of my shell, and actually sharing the talents I was working so hard to develop, I made friends I never expected.

It is terrifying to share my art because it is personal. But it’s a way to say, “I am okay being vulnerable with you so you can be vulnerable with me.” It’s funny because I’ve noticed this concept applies to everything. When I help train a new hire here at work, or teach my future sister in law about painting, our bonds become closer.

3. Art is about creating the world you want.

We all have talents. They may not be conventional but some of us are great at making friends, some people are fast learners, some people are amazing with numbers. There are so many different types of talents!

If we share our talents with the world, we can make it whatever we want it to be. We are all creators.


If I can leave you with just one thought, it would be to find your inner artist. Whatever your medium may be, business, medicine, nutrition, whatever. And share that with the world.

My name is Sarah Brown, and I am an artist.