In Hebrew, “Sarah” means “princess”, and I took that to heart while growing up. I wanted to be a princess and find a handsome prince to take me away. The older I got, the less I believed that it could really happen. Then, on my 23rd birthday, I saw the love of my life on bended knee in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disney World. However, the “princess” in me almost ruined the whole thing.

Birthday Blues

For my birthday, my then-boyfriend, David, planned a trip to Disney World with my family to escape Utah’s gloomy
winter. It was the perfect way to celebrate and I had been hoping that he would propose while on our trip. When the day of the trip arrived, the spy inside of me went snooping around for a ring in his luggage. I didn’t find one and my hopes and expectations were crushed.

The weight of the disappointment I felt started to set the tone for the whole trip. Then the morning of my birthday came and everything seemed to go wrong. First, we had to see a doctor for my dad’s asthma attack. Next, as we were heading into Disney World, we found out we had to either take a ferry or a monorail into Magic Kingdom–which added 45 minutes just to get into the park! Finally, when we got through the gates, we had a hard time using Disney World’s new magic band program, thus adding another 45 minutes.

All those delays put me in a pretty bad mood, in the happiest place on Earth! Plus I was already grumpy because I thought my boyfriend was missing the most opportune moment to propose to me. (Talk about princess).


Making Disney World Happy Again

Everyone kept wanting to see Cinderella’s castle. It felt unnaturally urgent and I felt unnecessarily annoyed. I wanted to do things my way on my birthday.

I stood in line to meet Stitch from Lilo and Stitch (my favorite Disney movie of all time). I was stoked to meet him, and my sister told Stitch that is was my birthday so that I would get special attention. It was a minor mood boost, but everyone kept pushing to see Cinderella’s castle, and I was starting to get hungry–well, hangry.

I am one of those people that can’t stand having an empty stomach. My mother suggested we find some food before heading to the castle. While in the restaurant, people saw my Disney birthday pin and kept wishing me a “happy birthday,” and I even got a free slushy. I felt like the day was taking a turn for the better and I was finally ready to see the castle.


The Proposal

With full stomachs and a more pleasant demeanor, David, my family, and I started heading toward the castle. I wanted to take a more direct route, but a parade had closed down the walkway. Refusing to be discouraged, my family started leading me toward the backside of the castle. On our way over we crossed a bridge with a picture-perfect view of the castle. I stopped David so we could take pictures, and my family surrounded us. Then in the middle of our photoshoot, David got down on one knee.

Immediately, I started hyperventilating. There was something so emotional about seeing the man I love kneel in front of me. It was surreal and I was shocked because I didn’t find a ring in David’s luggage. I was so nervous that I started shaking and sweating. I almost forgot to say yes and went straight to put the ring on my finger (David loves to tell people that tidbit). But I stopped myself just in time, and managed to let him know that I, too, wanted to spend all of eternity with him.Sarahs Disney World Engagement Video

David, knowing I would snoop through his things, wisely gave the ring to my sister. He told me later that he wished he could have told me to just hold on a little longer so that I wouldn’t have been a grump during our trip. Patience truly is a virtue that I am still working on.

I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or more importantly, a better man to propose. David has taught me a lot, especially that you don’t need to be proposed to in Disney World to feel like a prince or princess. Finding someone who loves you the way God loves you will give you the same feeling. Remember your worth and know that true love will always make you feel like royalty.