NOTE: David and I teach the 12 and 13-year-old classes so this lesson on how to become a better leader has been modified to keep their engagement throughout the lesson.



Have someone say the opening prayer.

Get to know you section:

What is your favorite animal and why?


Introduce the lesson:

How can I become a better leader?


Ask the class:

What do you think it means to be a leader?

  • Someone that people follow or listen to
  • Someone with responsibilities
  • Someone who mentors others
  • Someone who people trust


Who are some leaders that you know of? Who is a good example of leadership?

  • Thomas S. Monson
  • Teachers
  • Joseph
  • Parents
  • Older siblings


What are some characteristics of good leaders?

  • They listen to their people
  • Keep their promises
  • They make people feel safe
  • They make people feel important
  • Help people when they are in need
  • They are organized
  • They want to help others become better


Leadership Scriptures

Have someone read D&C 50:26

  • Christlike leaders serve others


Have someone read Matthew 23:11

  • Jesus Christ is our example of leadership


Leadership Activity

Bring a piece of paper to class and instruct the class that the floor is lava and they need to cross from one end to the other. Tell them that the piece of paper is magical and cannot be burned up in the lava and it is the only thing they can use in order to get across the lava. Have them work as a team to try and get everyone across the lava only using the paper. They must get every member of the class across and they can do anything to the paper including rip it.


Wrap Up


I know that we can all become better leaders in order to better serve the Lord. I know that Jesus is the greatest example of leadership we have and that we can learn and grow from His stories in the scriptures. No matter what our title or calling, we can all be leaders in the gospel and examples to others.

Have someone say a closing prayer.