Salt Lake City is known for its rich LDS history and if you live in the city you probably know some of it’s hidden gems.  If you’ve already checked out temple square and you’re looking for more LDS sites to visit, you can look beyond the conventional tourist attractions and check out a different side of Salt Lake City and the LDS culture. Whether you are just visiting the city or you’re a local looking for a new place to explore, here are some of the most unique places with LDS ties that you can visit.


Gilgal Sculpture Garden

Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. is the artist of the Gilgal Sculpture Garden.  He created it to help share his faith with the world through stone.  The park has 12 sculptures, over 70 stones engraved with scripture and it’s tucked away between a row of houses on 749 E 900 S. It’s a small, odd park but it’s peaceful to walk around and share in the testimony of Mr. Child. Admission to the park is free. Learn more about the park and it’s hours open to the public here.


The Salt Lake Cemetery

The Salt Lake Cemetery is Utah’s largest and oldest cemetery and the final resting place for several of the LDS church prophets. Visit 11 of the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  You won’t be disappointed you took an hour or two to enjoy this gorgeous cemetery. Admission to the cemetery is free. To learn more about where the prophets are buried visit the temple square blog.


The Beehive House

The Beehive House is one of two homes that Brigham Young lived in when Salt Lake City was settled.  Located at 67 E. South Temple you can tour the home and see what life was like for Young family back in 1855. Admission to the house is free.


This is the Place Heritage Park

Now if you’ve already explored Temple Square, chances are you might have also seen This is the Place Heritage Park. However, I thought it was still worth mentioning just in case. This is the Place is the location that Brigham Young looked over the Salt Lake valley and knew that this would be where the Mormon pioneers settled. It’s located just across the street from the Hogle Zoo at 2601 Sunnyside Ave.  The park does charge admission but it has all kinds of activities from tours to horseback riding.  Check out all of the fun things you can do at This is the Place Heritage Park here.


Memory Grove

Memory Grove is built in the city creek canyon where the Mormon pioneers first settled. They used the creek as a source of water and irrigation. The canyon was under the legislation of Brigham Young and then sold to the city to help prevent the urbanization of the area and to turn it into a park.  It was later turned into a park of monuments for people who have died in service to their country.  You can visit the grove at 300 Canyon Rd, just north east of temple square. Admission is free.


Brigham Young Historic Park

The park is built on the land that used to be part of Brigham Young’s farm. The park has memorial statues and a water wheel spinning through the city creek. It’s open throughout the year but hosts concerts and speakers during the summer months. It’s located on North Temple & State Street.  It is free to enter the park.


The Pioneer Memorial Museum

Located on 300 North Main Street, the museum is dedicated to remembering the families that built Utah. It is run by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers organization and hosts the world’s largest collection of pioneer memorabilia. To learn more about the history of the museum, check out the website of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. Admission to the museum is free.
Salt Lake City has changed a lot over the years, but many important LDS sites have been preserved and opened to the public.  Take advantage of these unique opportunities to see a part of Utah’s LDS history.