Recently, I lost ten pounds. It happened slowly and non-dramatically, because I was focusing on changing my entire lifestyle rather than a fad diet. I love to learn and I love to read, so I decided to incorporate that into my new lifestyle. These are a few of the many books about food, health, and nutrition that I’ve read in the last few months. These have been my favorites because of their ease to read and the information they provide.

The Brain Fog Fix

The Brain Fog Fix book cover

This was the first book I have ever read that touches on the subject of nutrition. It’s an easy read but it’s very informative and well-researched. The author talks not only about the food we eat but the sleep we get and the exercise we do and how all three contribute to our overall health. What I loved about this book was how specific the author is. He has lists of foods that he helps break down as bad, good, better, and best, for various categories. He has real-life suggestions and tasks at the end of each chapter to get you back on track. I opted to skip the three-week program in the back, as I was already doing my own, but for those who are starting from scratch it may be a good idea.

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Sugar Nation

Sugar Nation book cover

This book’s title is somewhat misleading. It doesn’t talk about sugar per se as much as it focuses on diabetes. For me, this book was incredibly eye-opening and important as diabetes runs very strong in my family. It bounces around a bit, from discussing how diabetes works in the body to bashing on the doctors for being ill-informed to exposing the drug industry for exploiting patients. About halfway through the book, I started skimming most of it and slowing down when I found something interesting. He offers a few valid lifestyle change suggestions but is mostly focused on the big picture. Non-diabetes may want to skim most of the book, but I would definitely recommend it for general information on how the body processes carbs and sugar, as well as a brief (biased) insight to the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

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The Weight of the Nation

The Weight of the Nation book cover

The Weight of the Nation was actually an HBO series before a book, so you can decide if you want or read it or watch it. It was taking a huge step back after finishing Sugar Nation as it really focuses on the basics. This is a great book to get your feet wet and open your eyes to the real state of most Americans today. It has a nice mixture of concrete examples of how to change along with a big-picture outlook. I love how it doesn’t push any diets but a rather complete (albeit gradual) overhaul of your mindset regarding food.

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Of course, these are just three of the thousands of books available. There are a few I read (or read part of) that I didn’t include because they were confusing, complicated, or the information didn’t seem valid. If you have any books you would recommend, please comment below!