My fiancé, David, is a convert to the LDS church. When we first started dating I was constantly trying to share the gospel with him and eventually he agreed to take the missionary lessons.  Before David, I took the missionary lessons with several interested college friends.  I didn’t go on a mission, but I always felt like I should be an everyday missionary. Being close to several LDS converts I gained an understanding of what they go through before choosing to get baptized. Here are three common questions that they asked before deciding to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Am I doing this for the right reasons?

When I was dating David it wasn’t just important for him to choose the gospel for the right reasons but it was important to me that he joined because he has a testimony.  I brought this question up a lot and he pondered it often. Coming from a Catholic background, David felt like he needed a detailed understanding of every principle before he could get baptized. He was so caught up in the little details that he couldn’t feel the spirit testifying of truth. When he finally let go of all of his expectations of himself he was able to open his heart to the spirit. That was when he knew he had a testimony and that he was ready to make baptismal promises with God.

Will my family and friends support me?

This subject came up with everyone that I took lessons with. Honestly, support is hard to come by when joining a new religion.  We talk about sacrifice a lot in church but I believe the converts have to sacrifice more right up front. When my grandparents converted to the LDS faith, their siblings and parents thought they were crazy.  When David converted, most of his college friends refused to talk to him anymore and his mother held an intervention to try and talk him out of getting baptised. My other friends who converted had similar issues.

Despite immediate adversity, there is a bright side.  No one regretted their decision.  They all love the gospel and believe that their lives are better off as a member of the church.  They have made new friends, influenced new people and built other’s testimonies through their conversion stories. So although support may not be immediate, they learned that God will always take care of them.

Do I really believe everything that is being taught?

I believe that when we can answer this question for ourselves we truly become converted.  It took me years to answer this on my own.  When I was in college, I questioned everything in the church. Why did I go to church?  Did I really fit in?  Was God actually listening to my prayers?  I took a short hiatus from my religious practices and that was when I realized how empty life was without the spirit. The moment I hit rock bottom I knew that every lesson I had grown up with had been truth and guidance toward ultimate happiness.

We are all converts to the church, weather you grew up with the gospel or found it along the way, finding your faith is a journey. While we make our way through the trials of this life, remember to share your conversion story with others because you never know who’s life you could change.